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 BESTOTEC, The full name of Besto Industrial technology Inc, comes from SuZhu City, China. To build the world machining tool systems and solutions leading suppliers and service providers.
  The products are widely used in many fields, such as the machine tool industry, automobile manufacturing industry, mold manufacturing, aerospace industry, national defense industry,  steel industry, the electronics industry. In modern industry and national transformation and upgrading, to contribute our efforts!
  Bestotec product range, to provide customers with a variety of standard and non-standard physical coating, chemical coating, metal ceramics and super-hard materials and other brands of high-precision turning, milling, boring, drilling, cutting cut groove and thread processing CNC blade and supporting tools, carbide overall knives, tools and thread gauge system, and can produce all types of cutting tools according to the different needs of customers for the machinery manufacturing solutions provide overall support!

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BESTO Indutrial Technology Inc
Te: +86 512 6607 3087 Fax:+86 5126607 3087
Address: No.350, Wengchang Road, New and Hi-Tech Development Zone, Suzhou City,China 
E-mail: sales@bestotec.com

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